To become participant of the Moldova’s International Championship of Cosmetology, Applied Esthetics and SPA Massage it is necessary to:

  1. Send application form to the Organizational Committee using one of the methods (the forms are accepted until January 25, 2015):
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +373 22 931-441
  • By post: 54/1 V.Alecsandri str., Chisinau
  • Personally at the above mentioned address
  1. Fill in the participant’s card
  • Download the card or
  • Fill it in online
  1. Present the copies of the following documents:
  • Passport;
  • Secondary or university certificate of medical education;
  • Documentary prove of having qualification of “beautician” and/or “massage therapist” and/or “esthetician” after completing the corresponding educational course.
  1. Send to the Organizational Committee office description of the procedure stated in the application form.

The topic of the written work has to reflect the content of the care procedure, which the participant is to demonstrate at the final competition.

The work should include:

  • The state of the skin of the chosen model according to the personal complaints and objective data;
  • Grounds for the chosen care for the model;
  • Grounds for the procedure protocol and time specifications of the most important steps (massage, mask) on the assumption of the scope. In this section it is necessary to expose the mechanisms of action of the chosen massage technique and care products (their components) and prove namely such a combination;
  • Recommendations on the further care.
  1. Pay registration fee.

We would like to remind you that before you proceed with the payment you should send application form and the other indicated documents in order to receive confirmation from the organizational committee about your registration.

  • The participant is considered registered after his/her application confirmation by the organizational committee and registration fee payment.
  • Each registered participant receives a personal number, which is kept up to the Championship’s end.
  • After the registration, the participant receives a set of documents, containing full information about the competition procedure.

Program of the Moldova’s Open Championship of Cosmetology, Applied Esthetics and SPA Massage

The Moldova’s Championship of Cosmetology, Applied Esthetics and SPA Massage will take place on February 26-27, 2016 in the separated domelike MOLDEXPO hall.